duminică, 3 decembrie 2017

The white sport shoes conquer fashion

What more versatile shoes can we expect to invigorate our spring wardrobe than new white sneakers? Colorful sports shoes have already said their street-style story, so it's time for a new trend to be invented.

Streetwear style

Do you choose more snowmen for lifestyle and fashion style?
Here are some street styles from which you can inspire yourself - find out which snowmen are everybody's features.
Recognize style by:

    T-shirts in a color or with graphic prints (logos, messages)
    colorful accessories
    jogger / training shoes and other canvas cloths

If your streetwear style is your average, head to snowmobile brands such as Nike, New Balance, Converse or Vans.

Sneakers can be in the low-tops, mid-cut or high-tops style, made of lightweight, cheerful design.

Inspire from Lil Wayne's outfits for a street look average.
Grunge Street Style
Recognize style by:

    ripped jeans
    long or asymmetrical shirts
    overalls and clothing elements specific to the style of the '90s

If your streetwear style has grunge tendencies, you can turn to any model of sneakers, low-tops, mid-cut, high-tops or slip-ons that have a perfect jeans - that's fit in jeans. The design can be simple, in one color, or with cool prints.

For an authentic grunge look, you can always inspire Kanye West's style.
Street Goth Ninja Style

Recognize style by:

    all black / murdered out
    cardigans and long coats with hood and large scarves
    leather items


Calm, dry and visible, this is summed up in three words sneakerboots, a type of ice skaters, used in winter, in rains, snow, ice or any red coding.

If the classical winter jacket is rather cumbersome and very unpalatable, with features that are too extreme for city boring, the boots have emerged as a better alternative to city winters. They are basically "winterized" variants of normal sports shoes, such as running and lifestyle at Nike, New Balance or Adidas.

Compared to a pair of traditional winter footwear or a pair of Timberlands, this type of sport boots offer much more flexibility and a silhouette and more urban design. Sneakerboots come with technical solutions that keep them waterproof, durable, insulated, with a lot of grip to keep you from slipping on the ice, and a neoprene padding on the inside that heats and keeps your foot comfortable in the shoe.

Sneakers Mid-Cut

Mid cut or Mid top, this type of sport footwear is a combination of high-tops and low-tops, which partially cover the ankle.

Representative for the skater boy style, they are not very easy to differentiate from the other models. Usually existing mid-cut / mid-top models appear as alternatives to high-tops or low-tops.

Sneakers High-Top CVO

CVO vine de la „Circular Vamp Oxford”. Asta înseamnă că au o arcuire laterală specifică.
Sneakersii high-top CVO
acoperă glezna și au acel cut cu arcuire deasupra gleznei. Acest tip de sneakersi sunt specifici brandului Converse, însă au fost o sursă de inspirație și pentru branduri ca Nike, Adidas și Supra.

Sneakers High-Tops

The high-tops sneakers completely cover the ankle to provide more support and comfort, especially when you are jamming on the basketball court. Of all kinds of sneakers, I'm the type of sports shoes that represents the streetwear style best.
The most representative brand for this model are Jordans from Nike, who have their basics in basketball.
The high tops silhouette is bigger, so it does not fit in shorts / bermudes. Instead, these sneakers look great with joggers (sports training pants) or long pants.

Today, most high tops sneakers have basketball influences. What's distinctive in this type of shoes is that it provides very good support.

Sneakers for women

It is preferable when you want to run without injuring your feet. These shoes are light, airy quickly and look great. Prices in online stores range from $ 130 to $ 150.

Experienced runners know how important shoes are for running. Depending on the distance traveled and the shape of the foot, here are the best shoes for running ...

The best running shoes have to be not only comfortable but also cool.

The best shoes for running. What is your favorite model?
Minimalist style

It is preferable when you want to run without injuring your feet. These shoes are light, airy quickly and look great. Prices in online stores range from $ 130 to $ 150.

The best shoes for running. What is your favorite model?
Supportive style

If you miss your feet or want to run more comfortable, these running shoes will support you during the race no matter what the distance. Prices in online stores range from $ 160 to $ 170.