duminică, 3 decembrie 2017


Calm, dry and visible, this is summed up in three words sneakerboots, a type of ice skaters, used in winter, in rains, snow, ice or any red coding.

If the classical winter jacket is rather cumbersome and very unpalatable, with features that are too extreme for city boring, the boots have emerged as a better alternative to city winters. They are basically "winterized" variants of normal sports shoes, such as running and lifestyle at Nike, New Balance or Adidas.

Compared to a pair of traditional winter footwear or a pair of Timberlands, this type of sport boots offer much more flexibility and a silhouette and more urban design. Sneakerboots come with technical solutions that keep them waterproof, durable, insulated, with a lot of grip to keep you from slipping on the ice, and a neoprene padding on the inside that heats and keeps your foot comfortable in the shoe.

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