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Streetwear style

Do you choose more snowmen for lifestyle and fashion style?
Here are some street styles from which you can inspire yourself - find out which snowmen are everybody's features.
Recognize style by:

    T-shirts in a color or with graphic prints (logos, messages)
    colorful accessories
    jogger / training shoes and other canvas cloths

If your streetwear style is your average, head to snowmobile brands such as Nike, New Balance, Converse or Vans.

Sneakers can be in the low-tops, mid-cut or high-tops style, made of lightweight, cheerful design.

Inspire from Lil Wayne's outfits for a street look average.
Grunge Street Style
Recognize style by:

    ripped jeans
    long or asymmetrical shirts
    overalls and clothing elements specific to the style of the '90s

If your streetwear style has grunge tendencies, you can turn to any model of sneakers, low-tops, mid-cut, high-tops or slip-ons that have a perfect jeans - that's fit in jeans. The design can be simple, in one color, or with cool prints.

For an authentic grunge look, you can always inspire Kanye West's style.
Street Goth Ninja Style

Recognize style by:

    all black / murdered out
    cardigans and long coats with hood and large scarves
    leather items

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